Words & Dinos


If at the beginning changes might seem unpleasant, one later comes to realize that change shapes who we are.

We are all dinosaurs at one point in time. Our world is changing so fast that we all become dinosaurs in our own little worlds.

That is why I believe we need to share love, time and energy. And this is my way of giving a little bit of myself. My creations are made with lots of love and care. I love spending time painting all the tiny details and envisioning new patterns and pictures. My designs are about reconnecting with one self, with one’s culture and with one’s roots. I try to share, in everything that I do a little story that our fast moving world is trying to leave behind.

My latest love are hand painted candles using glasses and jars with personality. The become more than just candles, the y are items of decor, they are stories and they share love and time. They are meant to help one relax, focus or simply reconnect. I hope you enjoy them and that they make your life more beautiful.

the Dino

Keep calm and love the Dinos


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  1. May I reblog some of your journal posts? I adore your blog and want people to see these amazing journals! And how do I order? The order page didn’t have any info.

    • Hi awrestlingwriter,

      Thank you for your words it means a lot to me. You can of course reblog posts with proper credits. And that would be really touching to me.

      As for the order page, that is still a work in progress. I have an Etsy page but as I kept selling my items locally it was slightly difficult as my items are mostly one of a kind. I am working now on making a proper order page with instructions and payment options. But for now, if there is something you wish you can write me through the contact page and we’ll take it from there.

      • Yay, thanks so much! I know many people love notebooks and journals as much as me.
        Cool, was wondering how much they were and if you can post to Australia (not sure where you are)?
        Also, I sent you a comment via the contact form. Hope it got to you.

      • Hi,

        Got the message, will reply shortly.

        The notebooks are 5 or 7 euro depending on the materials used. The ones with dried flowers are 5, while the sketching notebook is 7 due to the drawing paper used for the pages.
        I am more than happy to post to Australia, though the shipping might be slightly expensive as I am in the Netherlands.
        P.S. Is one of my biggest travel wishes to visit Australia, so it is a big deal to me to have fans from there. ❤

      • Oh, good.
        Wow, I just converted that to the Aus dollar and that seems really cheap! $10. Is that right?
        I’d love to buy at least one, but if they’re that cheap, I might buy a few.

      • Roughly yes. 🙂
        Shipping will add to the total cost at least 18 additional euro (no tracking).

      • Awesome! Are all the ones on your blog for sale? Are there any others I should see first on your Etsy site?
        Do you write in them and keep some for yourself?

      • My Facebook page is more up to date with available designs.
        The cat and the poppy notebooks have been already spoken for. The poppies have been in high demand so I actually just came back from picking more. 🙂
        I will be attending a handmade market at the end of the month so I need to make more.
        You can of course let me know (by replying to my e-mail) what designs of notebooks you would like and if I do not have them I can see if I can make them.

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