Limited Edition Acorn Necklaces – Christmas Mode


Limited Edition Christmas Spirit – Acorn Necklace

Lovely little reminder of the beauty of nature and perfect resents for Christmas these acorn necklaces are beautiful through their simplicity. The acorns have been hand picked in a small forest corner of the Netherlands after a couple of rainy days. These acorns are part of the last pieces of autumn of this year. Only a few of them have been selected to carry the warmth of the year further with you in this way. The rest have been absorbed back by Mother Nature and will come back to us next year.

The package contains a copper necklace with an acorn medallion. The acorn has been sealed with varnish for better preservation. The necklace is packaged in a little wool pouch, hand sewn with a lively pattern. Both the necklace and the wool pouch fit into a Christmas envelope.

Length of the necklace is: 72 cm

You can buy these little beauties here. Please note, these items will be available for sale only until Christmas. If you wish to use them as gifts I would advise to order them in time, considering the delays that post offices tend to incur this time of the year due to overload.




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