Ode to Spring: 400 Japanese Cherry Trees

In the year 2000 in order to strengthen the relations between Netherlands and Japan, 400 amazing Japanese cherry trees were donated to the city of Amstelveen and planted in the forest of Amsterdam “Amsterdamse Bos”. To follow the tradition, the Cherry Blossom Tree Festival marks the coming of Spring and has become a yearly tradition in the area.  As the donation was made by the Japan Women’s Club the trees were evenly named with Dutch and Japanese female names.

The experience can not really be described in words. The place becomes eerie once the trees bloom. I went there thinking that 400 trees would cover a huge area, however I discovered that the trees are rather small and delicate and the place feels rather intimate.

I love watching people and their reactions and on this occasion I particularly found it fascinating how the main activity was taking pictures. So I took part in the main activity myself. 😉








Thank you for dropping by! 
Have fun and love the dino! 
Till next time! 


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