Tiny Treasures – Jewellry

The Tiny Treasures Collection is one of the two most recent jewelry types that have stolen my heart. I love the thought that you can carry with you a piece of something.

There is something sweet and delicate about these vials and I never expected to fall in love with them like this. However they are rather versatile and unexpected. They have a glamorous elegance at times while other times they are quite masculine.

I love the unexpected part of the combinations. I love the juxtaposition of the roughness of the wood with the delicacy of the wire, the confusion in the bottle with the clarity of the metal.

Most of the time when an artist tells the story of its collection invokes a reason to why the first piece was made. I have tried to look back and think of why that reason was. However I can’t seem to find a clear concision decisions regarding it. I rather suspect a combination of factors and a moment of genius inspiration to put them all together.

Looking back at my designs with a rather critical eye I have come to understand that my pieces are in fact very feminine and that unconsciously I was aiming for the fairy like princess within.

I leave you bellow with many of the designs. I create new ones on a constant basis so it is impossible to encapsulate them in a single post.

You can find the Facebook album here.


IMG_0661s_zpstqqwnbz7IMG_0643s_zpstltnytuqIMG_0674s_zpsp5fjbvaeIMG_0687s_zpscqntfijqIMG_0736s_zpsvjhqfk1qIMG_0745s_zpsjfs5yidwIMG_0746s_zpsyhwvrqhrIMG_0756s_zpskn6fvjgfIMG_0838s_zpsla8osgrkIMG_0844s_zps1ezdkg4gIMG_0860s_zpswbc8a4ynIMG_0869s_zpsfh2bkltuIMG_0894s_zps6wkvvrf1IMG_0905s_zpscmp7gmyzIMG_1379s_zpszrfzrjtiIMG_1400s_zpsztbvl2qfIMG_1404s_zpsb3iupiiwIMG_1420s_zpsjvelfdqb dinoThe Dino


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