Paparugă – Necklace

Dreaming of Spring and invoking it on a subconscious level, and not only, reminded me of the Paparugă song. Now, of course, unless you grew up listening to Phoenix there will be no nostalgia in these lyrics for you. However I will still proceed to tell you about it. 😉

Paparudă (Paparugă) is mostly used to describe the ritual of “bringing the rain that in turn brings wealth”. The ritual was done in time of drought and is has a special place in the agrarian rituals. It is an ancient pagan ritual found in many places in the Balkans.

The ritual consisting of dance and song was initially done by groups of children. The young age was so that the purity of spirit of the children would enhance the chances of the pray to be heard. However in folk stories it is said that the ritual would also be performed by gypsy ladies going from house to house saying the incantation for the rain.

At origins Paparuda is a mythical creation that combines magical and religious elements. Initially it would take place on a specific date. Historians have not been able to agree on a specific one, however most often heard of is the third Thursday after Easter. The different dates are not in the least surprising due to the fact that the date for Easter itself varies from year to year, not to mention that changes that were done to the calendar itself through out the years.

Now, the Paparugă song has to do here only with my desire for Spring. The bright light that enters the large windows of my living gives a strong feeling of warmth and joy. And I can’t wait for the warm weather to come. Don’t worry, I am not invoking the rain, but the sun and its warmth, thus the butterfly. However the feeling, the desire and the dream are of the same vibe.


The Dino


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