Treasure Chests

Art is said to be subjective, and the truth is that it is. Art, whatever its form may be, is a form of expression. More importantly, it is a piece of somebody.
An artist, well … I think a different word is needed for the purpose of this text as I feel that “artist” dos not encapsulate the essence of what I am trying to say. A creator lives through expression. A creator uses his/hers personal energy to share a feeling. This is why at times is hard to explain all everything behind a concept/design/creation. I personally believe, however, that behind all concepts there is a reason, a clear, logical reason. 

The very first lesson we were taught as young aspiring candidates to the University of Architecture was that every line has a reason. That every time one chooses to draw something in a particular way one has to have an explanation. You might say that in the process of designing a house that is logical. However after many years I came to understand that all that process, all that knowledge one acquires in time is fully active while designing what many people call art based on feeling. That even without training and studies and research, behind every artistic move there is always a reason, be it conscious or unconscious.

Tiny treasure chests: wood boxes – hand painted and varnished for a strong and lasting finish. To be used to store pieces of the heart and candy for the eye. 











The Dino


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