Words, wishes and traditions

Hello 2016!

Good bye 2015! 
So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!   😉

New Year is always a time for new beginnings, a time for resolutions, a time for ideas and dreams. So before I show you the last moment of 2015 I’ll start by challenging you to set up an “intention” for the new year. Decide on an theme, something in which you feel that you as a person need to go towards. For example, for you 2016 could be the year of laughter, for others could be the year of forgiveness, or even the year of closure. This is not a goal in its traditional way, it simply is the intention with which you will tackle everything that will come your way in this year.

While waiting for the train on my way home I opened my notebook to write a thank you list for the year that had just passed. I had no idea at that time what the goals for 2016 were to be yet.

You know that things are meant to be when they naturally come to you, when they happen so easy that you don’t even realize.
My 2016 intention became clear as soon as I wrote “2016”…
That means it is the right one for me at this point in time. It is the step I need in order to move forward on my own personal path and uncover new experiences. In essence is just like moving on to a new level.

I will however not share it with you here. I do believe that the intention should be something personal, something you internally strive for and it belongs to you and you only. (In reaching goals one can always use the help of the people around, however the intention is about knowing and getting to know oneself.)

That being said, let’s talk about Christmas! 


In a digital world I am one of those people that adores to write Christmas cards. I have always loved cards and every thing about presents and wrapping,  seeing reactions, smiles, the look of the pile of envelopes all dressed up and ready to fly… however in this specific form it is a relatively young love.
This was the second year I actually made my own cards. I enjoyed the process so much that I think it will become a personal tradition.
Last year I focused on the new year and spread the wishes with fireworks. I attached inside each card a small firework to be used in the new year.  The cards were a success and everybody enjoyed them, however I learned the hard way that the fireworks were too fragile to be shipped (even locally) and they were unusable by the time they reached their destinations. Good to know! 😉


This year I chose Christmas as a theme and send the Dino to wish lovely thoughts to all my friends. Weirdly enough the local post (which has always done a marvelous job) this year seems to have had some issues… Quite a large number of the cards I sent locally are still to arrive… Hello people! Common! Please hurry up…




A while ago, inspired by Mariëlle from Magical Daydream I put 91 postcards into stranger’s mailboxes. I wrote on each one “I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!“ and then I choose a retirement home and put them in their mailboxes hoping to make at least one person smile for Christmas.
This has become a tradition which I love dearly.  The cards bellow went to make people smile and share good wishes. 

Last year I invited you to use this as inspiration and make your own tradition. Find a way to share the moment. Find a way to dream and share the dream with others.


May 2016 bring you closer to yourself.
I hope you will come to learn what makes you happy and allow yourself to do it.
I hope you dream and let the dream come to you.
I hope you smile. Smile to yourself, to friends, to family and the stranger on the street.
Be true to yourself and enjoy the new year!

Hello 2016! Welcome!

Thank you for dropping by! 
Have fun and love the dino! 
Till next time! 




  1. Great deeds! Happy, lovingly 2016 to you too!

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