Brownie for the Soul

OK. I’ll tell you a secret.
I sometimes bake cakes.
Amazing cakes.
And today I’ll share with you the most amazing brownie ever! 


Well, in fact me sharing this recipe with you today is not the main purpose. This is just a side effect of my latest mania: video making and editing. 😀

The footage bellow  was made more than a month ago, however I did not get to edit it until now. I had a little doubt whether I should add it here as my blog is mainly about painting, jewelries and design, so I could not tell if this would have been out of place. I do make great cakes, but baking was never my thing. The joy was in decorating the cakes, in making them pretty and making people smile and enjoy the sweetness.  In fact the cover of this blog post and video cover shows one of my biggest fans ever: the chocolate addict! 😀 However in time I realized, understood and accepted 🙂 that be it jewelry, painting, architecture or candy, it is still my art.

Disclaimer: I did not attempt to make a perfect baking/recipe video. My fascination is now with video editing, but i did my best to make the recipe understandable! 😉
Full instructions in the video description.

Thank you for dropping by! 
Have fun and love the dino! 
Till next time! 


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