Dutch Design Week and, obviously, a new mania!

As I previously told you, I recently started my collaboration with Revista Atelierul. 

The first article was a lovely and insanely rewarding tutorial that I have been processing intensely for a little while now: the mini bench tutorial. Two days of work, measuring, shopping, “sweet talking” the volunteer to help with the work (You know! You need more than two hands to use a drill, hold the screw and a camera. 😉 ), cleaning and photographing.

The next two articles are about one of THE biggest Dutch events, one on my own design heart! 
The Dutch Design Week.
This was my very first experience as accredited press and darn it felt good! 


The event was fantastic and the full article can be found here both in English and Romanian. What I never expected however was how much I actually enjoyed writing the article, creating a plan, making a video,… literally the whole shebang. 😀 Obviously by now I have several events and locations that I want to cover and in the process annoy, drag and use as camera support my dear volunteer!

I leave you now with the video I created for this event.
With that I can officially declare I am now on YouTube as well. Yeyyyyyy!

Thank you for dropping by! 
Have fun and love the dino! 
Till next time! 


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