Poppy Mania

Poppies are lovely delicate flowers. I adore them as art material and throughout the time I have made plenty of items with them. So I thought it would be fun to have a little overview of what I have so far.

Above there is a little necklace that I simply adore and I find to be cute, elegant and fancy in the same time. 

The paintings were created long before I met Poppy. She loved them so much, she wanted to gift them to a special person. So inspired by that I created a box to fit them all and make them as special as the person she was going to gift them to. 


Poppy was my very fist model (besides myself) and it was a fantastic experience. We have more projects waiting to be created together for which I am truly excited.

Poppies can be painted on anything, so why not candles: here and here.

Poppies on notebooks are one of my all time favorite decorative motifs. They are delicate yet strong once encapsulated in the layer of varnish.
I have done several versions for different events. I love all and I still have plenty to come.
romantic poppies / memory album / charming notebooks / and even more notebooks.


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