Tic, Tic & Tic

Laura and Tic are old friends of the Dinosaur.

She is 100% pure smile while Tic is a furry ball of sheer energy that puts Duracell to shame.

The first time I told you about them, they were working on publishing the first book Domnul Tic si alte iubiri de pe Musatini (Mister Tic and other love stories from Musatini). The notebook I created then was my attempt at sending them good luck in their endeavor and supporting the process with what little I could at that time.

So when the second book “Domnul Tic si alte iubiri de prin lume” (Mister Tic and other love stories from around the world) was to be published I jumped heart and soul to do my part. The earrings that I offered to auction were all purchased by a lovely lady who, we later learned, intended from the beginning to gift all but one pair and share the love. This was an unexpected surprise that left me highly emotional. Thank you Cristina.

On the last 100 meters of raising the funds Laura asked me if I could make a notebook or two with pictures of Tic and Janosch (one of the four legged characters of the second book) that could be auctioned. So obviously I said yes. I decided to make 3 notebooks, two to auction and one special just for Laura. Bellow you can see the three notebooks right before they were kissed, wrapped and send with lots of love on the way to a new adventure.

However, their trip proved to be much shorter than expected as Laura could not part ways with any of them and kept them all. ❤











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