The Sweetest of Moments a.k.a. Present Mania

I love wrapping presents.
I love making personalized presents.
I love finding that thing that will make the person gasp.

Hmmm, do you think Santa has any job openings?


On a more serious note I got to ship my very first order to the US.
It was exiting and nerve racking in the same time.

I found the most perfect present for my dearest geek!

A very. very dear friend of mine moved into a new place so I put together the lucky bamboo starter kit.

The bamboo is the symbol of good luck and it is said to bring good fortune when properly taken care of. I personally started with one bamboo strand 4 years ago. It is true, I added 2 more about a year later, however the bamboo is a surprisingly fast and easy plant to grow.
The kit is simple. Cut a bamboo strand and keep it in water until it makes roots. When the roots are long enough move it to a tall pot/vase with enough ground to be able to grow vertically. True, the glass is a temporary container, however that does not mean it should not be pretty.
I do recommend a wider container for the forming of the roots if available. The one I created here was simply for the purpose of transport and pretty gifting.

Last but not least a birthday. She is a fantastic artist with a fluffy black cat. Obviously.
The card was purchased long before her birthday, with her in mind. The notebook is a personal creation and it made perfect sense as every artist needs cute notebooks to write down ideas, thoughts and future projects. I do hope it will bring her plenty of good luck and inspiration. Happy Birthday, my darling!

Thank you for dropping by,

Till next time!


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