Human Canvas – The Wings of Life

Human Canvas is probably my dearest project. Its purpose is to shine parts of us we normally do not realize we have or even worst we hide.

The goal is to create a bond between drawing, person and picture. To have them all say the same story that belongs to the model and for which, all I did was to showcase its presence.

The fun and amazingness in the work I do with my models, the interaction, the beauty of the person that reveals itself, the unsuspected ideas that appear, the intuition of the model in posing or expressing what they would like… it is all a truly dear experience for me.

The pictures bellow show the first photo shoot where I did not choose the design of the body painting. R came with the idea and told me how  much she wanted to have the wings painted. The day was a blast. The wings turned out completely different than both of us pictured. The photo session was completely crazy and full of laughter. My model proved to be fabulously photogenic, though she still refuses to agree to that.

Oh, and you can be sure we will try this again. Wings project has now been started. 😀

Human Canvas - The Wings of Life

Human Canvas - The Wings of Life

Human Canvas - The Wings of Life

More picture of this photo shoot can be seen here.

If you would like to see the other Human Canvas projects that I have presented already on the site you can do so here.

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  1. Unbelievably beautiful. 🙂

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