Dangling Spring – Spring Earring Collection –

And it is finally time to show you the earrings that I have made so far for this collection. They are extremely dear to me and I can say that so far they are my favorite creation.  They a sweet, feminine and special. Enjoy!

SC1_zpstg2dn9k4Length (including ear hook): ~6.5cm    SC3_zpslg18yskd

Length (including ear hook): ~7cm


Length (including ear hook): ~7.5cm


Length (including ear hook): 9.5-10 cm SC9_zpss9khsxw0

Length (including ear hook): ~8.5cm


Length (including ear hook): ~6.5cm


Length (including ear hook): ~7cm

SC10_zpseeswsfhl (2)

Length (including ear hook): ~9cm


Length (including ear hook): ~6.5cm


Length (including ear hook): ~5.5cm


Length (including ear hook): ~6cm


Length (including ear hook): ~6.5cm  Special notes: They are on the heavy side


Length (including ear hook): ~8cm

There is a limited number earrings in stock. The possibility of making more is there, however many of the supplies that I have used are either in small stock or no longer available, thus for some of the designs I do not have the possibility to recreate an identical second pair (for some I already have multiple pairs finished). Similar designs could be created, however not identical.

If any of them  “sings” to you send me a message here or on Facebook and I will add it to my Etsy shop for purchase. If you wish a custom pair with charms that have personal meaning I will be more than happy to create a pair if the desired supplies are available.

Thank you for dropping by,

Till next time!


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