Love, Love, Love

I love earrings! I confess, I have an addiction and a drawer full of them.
Ever since I was a kid I had a passion for them. They are in my opinion the most feminine piece of jewelry possible. They frame the face and either attract the attention to the feminine features of the wearer or they can distract from (if desired).

I have this insane attraction to them and it is almost all I buy when I enter a jewelry store. I adore wearing bracelets, however I love wearing the same ones over and over again.

I have a new found crush for this particular little local boutique (which I thought was local until I googled it so I could add the link here) from where I adore admiring the really fine delicate gold pieces, despite the fact that I would never feel comfortable wearing them. You might have noticed by now that all my pieces are silver.

I have been working on trying please the market and thus trying to make as much variation as possible. However I am slowly learning that the true core of artistic creation is a highly emotional process. I am coming to terms with the fact that that is OK and even that it is actually supposed to be like that. That pure creation comes only from emotion, be it feelings, desire of intent and that sometimes thinking is not recommended.

About 2 years ago I made the pair of earring you see bellow. I liked the idea insanely. I wore them often and I always found they looked elegantly simple on me. So for this really long time I had them in the back of my mind waiting and asking to be recreated, extended, experimented. So I finally did.

The result is a series of spring fluffy simple earrings that I personally adore. The “fluff” material is a result of Mother Nature which might seem strange to use, but somehow they work brilliantly. Even two years later they are in perfect condition. All I had to do was to update the metal earring hook and they were just like new.
I still have a lot of the prime material so i am still playing with them and testing possibilities. Thus I realized that I probably won’t find the final number of designs pretty soon so it might be a good idea to present them now instead of “years” from now.
Next week I’ll give a small preview of the first 3 designs that I have made this year.

If you like the idea join me next week and the week after while I show you my sweet little passion. And a small spoiler: I have found the loveliest model ever!


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