A Pot of Rose Love

On Valentine’s Day I received the most amazing roses ever, with long stems like I have never seen. They lasted amazing (taking in consideration my poor skills at taking care of flowers), some of them better than other. While taking care of them I decided to use three of the ones that looked less perky to make a decorative item.

I took a small jam jar from the pile of jars I have collected while making candles and filled it with rose petals.  I used paper from a magazine, Mod Podge and glitter to decorate the lid of the jar and started taking pictures.

I have been working on figuring out the settings of my camera and improving my photography skills. As I have a really bad habit of working at night and thus needing to take pictures with artificial light I built a small contraption. I am beginner in photography so I decided not to invest in fancy schmancy tools until I have acquired enough skills to be able to properly use all the expensive gear.

There are plenty of pictures and tutorials out there, and all I did was to use the basic principles of all the light boxes I have seen. However, if you are in interested in DIY versions of the tools needed for artificial light photography, this website has a large number of rather detailed projects.

This was also the first time I finally made some sense of the manual setting of my camera. Don’t laugh please, I did tell you I was a beginner. 🙂

Thank you for dropping by,

Till next time!


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