The Forest

The small tree charms that I have used in these necklaces were an impulse purchase. I had no clue what to do with them, I just knew for whom I wanted to use them.  The tree is the symbol of oneself and the connection with one’s soul. The tree has roots that connect us with the ground, that give us stability and power. The branches reach for the sky connecting us with the heavens and making us strive to be better, kinder and more human.


Now, don’t search for significations in every little part of the necklace. This is not a  philosophical paper. The design of the beads is simply what came to me at that moment. The colors fit with the forest and the delicacy of the charms.



IMG_4282s_zpsdu0h30cn (1)



They were all given as tokens for the 1st of March tradition to a group of special ladies. Each token was wrapped in plastic wrappers specifically designed for the tradition and packed in handmade envelopes from recycled sheets of paper. Their purpose is to bring a warm and lovely spring with them and in turn a year full of light and beautiful moments.


With this I wish you a great spring, with fantastic weather and with amazing people. I wish you to be beautiful like the flowers that bloom and kind like the sun that starts to shine through the coldness.

If you are new to this blog and thus unaware of my fascination with this tradition, you can learn more by reading previous posts like the one describing the designs of last year or the detailed explanation and historical background that I have wrote here. The designs of this year are available on my Facebook page.

Thanks for dropping by.

Till next time!



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