The World of a Dinosaur on Society 6

Society 6 is one of my favorite platforms for artists and I have been wanting to create a collection of prints for ever, however I needed to find my voice first and create a collection that would indeed express my creative spirit.

In an attempt to create interesting pictures for my jewelry I have realized that funny love couple humor is right up my alley and, as  an added bonus, is insanely fun to do. 😀 I have called my collection “Couple Poetry and Funky Patterns”. Bellow you can see a small selection of the available items. The items can be purchased on my page on the Society 6 website.   

If you like  what you see you are more than welcomed to share either the Society 6 gallery or the Pinterest gallery of my designs.


Society 6 is a fabulous place for artists and I invite you to take a look at all the amazing artists that have created plenty of beautiful designs. 

Thank you for dropping by.

Till next time.


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