Spring, bugs and traditions

Is no secret by now that my favorite celebration ever is the Spring Celebration called Mărțișor. A sea of delicate and lucky charms takes over the city. Together with flowers and happy faces they make  the first two weeks of March the most energetic way to begin spring and leave behind the coldness of winter.

I have been working on creating delicate patterns for the last couple of weeks. Out of all of them the ladybugs seem to be the most requested. I wasn’t actually planning on making them this year, but by special request I had to. 😀

As Valentine’s Day was approaching I realized that instead of earrings I could use the wood pieces to make sweet “love bugs” brooches. We’re meant to be two, we’re meant to love and be loved. I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day as it is commercially exaggerated. However I do love its essence: the sweet gestures towards the loved ones. My “love bugs” are cute, sweet and bright. They brighten up the day and make one smile!

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

Here you can see all the design of 2015.

Thank you for dropping by.

Till next time!



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