Diy Flower Pot Decoration

 The last few days for me have been really slow. I caught a bug and I spent several days in bed. And though there are people that can let go and surrender to being calm and relaxed while being ill and having to stay in bed, I am not one of them. Once I am able to get out of bed again, I can’t just stay still and not to anything. Yes, watching series is nice and lovely but I am easily bored. I need to have an activity!

But what do you do when standing still poses a challenge?
You pick an easy to do, not that much you can ruin project that does not require detailed work or much movement either. 😀

I have a lot of flower pots in my house, and though I love all my flowers, I hate the brown plain flower pots. I am not such a big fan of the spray paint style, or have where to do that so I tried to play with acrylic at first.

That did not go well… 😀
So I scrubbed it all and went with a different technique: decoupage.

The process is rather simple:
– Find and cut a lot of images that you like: text, photo’s, textures, anything your heart desires.
– Clean your pots and with a brush glue your pictures with a thin but thick enough layer of Mod Podge.
– Add a top layer after all has dried just to seal it in and give it a nice shine.
– Do not forget to wash your brush!

Now, tips and tricks learned the hard way:
As you will see bellow, some of the pictures glued on the pot are wrinkled which is not that pretty. But that happens because the paper while being glued gets wet unevenly. Half way through the process I discovered that if you dip the paper for a couple of seconds in a cup of water before laying it on to the glued surface it molds itself onto the curved surface and does not wrinkle anymore.

After I finished adding all the papers I desired and after the entire pot dried, I cleaned any left over acrylic from the first try and created 3 lines by adding ribbon.  In order to get a proper line, as the pot is curved, you need to cut the ribbon in smaller pieces (10 – 15 cm in my case) and overlap the pieces when gluing it.

This is an easy project to do, even with kids and really fun if you take the necessary precautions like not having any items that can suffer from spilling water or glue on them. Trust me I have a brilliant talent of spilling the water from my brushes on a regular basis. 😉

Thank you for dropping by.

Till next time!


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  1. Creative, thanks for this idea!

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