Revista Atelierul Christmas Swap

In December I signed up to be part of a Christmas swap in the handmade community. I knew about this exchange since the previous year, however at that time I did not have enough time to actually create something beautiful as a present so I did not register. This time, I could no longer pass the opportunity.

The swap is organised by Revista Atelierul which is a wonderful place for artists and not only for inspiration, design, handmade and DIY.  My swap partner was Handmade 4U.  

While I love to get inspired from the Romanian traditional elements, this time I decided to get inspired from the Dutch tradition. So I have used the beloved Dutch characters Jip and Janneke to decorate a lovely handmade notebook. I added a cute little rose scented candle, a handmade New Year card and a little letter.

In the very last moment, on my way to the post office, I decided to add one more item. I added a bag of traditional Dutch desserts: stroopwafels. These are delightful cookies with a caramel or honey filling. They are sinfully enjoyable fresh and warm from the market. To soften the ones that are bought from the supermarket many people prefer to place them on top of a hot coup of tea or coffee for a nice afternoon snack.

I do have to warn you though, they are sweet but highly addictive. And though they can be slightly heavy, they are so good that you will have no clue how you got to the bottom of the bag. 

After many adventures finding the right time to mail the packages (due to conflicting schedules) in order to insure the safe delivery we are now both in possession of a beautiful personalized handmade Christmas gift. Below you can see the lovely items that I have received from Handmade 4U. I am particularly in love with the bow brooch and the round shaped notebook. Thank you so much!

Thank you for dropping by.

Thill next time.


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