Mister Tic

Mister Tic / Domnul Tic  is the curly, restless dog of a beautiful Romanian writer. Laura Baban is a truly talented girl. For her the words create magic stories inspired by real events. The events are the crazy stories of her, her soul mate and dog  and hilarious situations they inadvertently put themselves into. 😉

The first book inspired by these events was called “Mister Tic and other love stories from Musatini” /   “Domnul Tic si alte iubiri de pe Musatini”  and it was a delicious adventure story sprinkled with love and fun. That book and Laura’s contagious smile have inspired me to create one of the most beautiful notebooks I have ever made. You can find its complete story in this post from last year.


 A year later, many new stories have filled their lives. So many, that a second book was born. Their adventures through Europe have been encapsulated in a new volume “Mister Tic and other love stories around the world”  /  “Domnul Tic si alte iubiri de prin lume”.  This time the goal is to publish the book both in Romanian as well as in English. As I would love to be able to share her words with the world I decided to auction 5 pairs of earrings and donate the proceedings.

To my surprise and great joy less than 2 days later all 5 pairs were purchased by a lovely lady with a great love for books. Her desire to help the book combined with a love for delicate handmade items was a fantastic gift both for Laura as well as for me. I am really looking forward to sending her the items and I truly hope they will bring her luck and be her companions in creating amazing adventures of life.

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Dino 5_zpsxaq3koyu

Dino 3_zpsggrmqou1 (1)

Dino 2_zps3rwn2nvlDino 4_zpsywzumqz6

Dino 1_zpsdyjex7vl

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