The mysterious ways of artistic inspiration

I have been recently asked how I get inspired and how my creations are born. And to tell you the truth most of the time I haven’t got a clue.

I can get inspired by a color that I see on the street, by the way the grass turns in a particular spot, by the way the sun shines through the window, by a picture that I see on-line, by a movement, an old t-shirt or simply by a mistake.

I have been working on the Mărțișor tokens that are to be given on the 1st of March. This is a tradition that I have introduced you to last year.  If you wish to learn more, you can find here the detailed story of the tradition. For now, the new designs for 2015 are available only on my  Facebook page.



In the process of creating the tokens, by pure mistake I made a design that I have simply fell in love with. I was simply just trying to cover a color that I did not like and while doing so, I discovered that the combination looked fantastic. I loved it so much that I decorated pieces suitable for medallions, brooches as well as wooden beads. The wooden beads in particular kept “staring” at me, and all I could think of when I looked at them was a big bulky necklace with a golden chain type base.

And as every artist knows! You don’t argue with your muse!  🙂


IMG_3918-s_zpsrtkgwcxe (1)


Thanks for dropping by.

Till next time.


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