Treasure Chest

My lovely neighbor has an adorable sweet little girl and knowing that I do jewelry has suggested that we have a workshop with the kids. Though it sounded so fun and I was truly looking forward, we never managed to actually make time for it.

Time passed, but the thought stayed with me. And a cute idea popped up: to make her a jewelry making set. However as she is only 4 years old I had to find appropriate materials that could be used by such a small child. Obviously, no matter how careful I am,  the kit still has to be used under parent supervision as even big beads can be seen as dangerous for a kid.

I started by going through my supplies and picking things that either I liked or were purely child safe. I organised them all, I fixed what needed fixing, I added findings where needed and made wrappings.

My final selection is:

– Two sizes of colored plastic beads,

– A finished bead bracelet,

– Metal charms,

– Textile and plastic wire,

– A dog shaped brooch,

– A star shaped medallion,

– A spinning top,

– Paper butterflies and flowers,

– Glittery butterfly shaped stickers,

– A small handmade box filled with paper stars,

– And several knitted necklaces that can be used as they are or as bases for necklaces.

I packed almost everything in transparent or colored plastic bags and transparent paper in the idea that the more things to unwrap the more exiting it is.  

I realized in the end that there were more materials that I wanted to add, for example a spinning top, but that was is not usually part of a jewelry DIY kit. As a result I have transformed the whole thing into a Treasure Chest (“Schat Kist” in Dutch).
I have decorated the box and wrapped it nicely to be given to the loveliest little neighbor ever. 😀

The concept can be adapted for any age and preferences. It can be even used for boys. For example a toy car making kit would be a great present for a boy if he’s passionate about cars. If you like the concept please feel free to adapt it to your situation and have tones of fun with it. Do share if you please as I would love to see the results.


Thank you for dropping by.

Till next time.


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