Artistic Madness

A lovely gift from a friend that I received in 2011 was a calendar with illustrations by Gaelle Boissonnard. I greatly enjoyed it for a year while it was displayed on the wall. However after that I had a hard time discarding it. So I kept it, and kept it not knowing why or what to do with it.

I came across it a couple of days ago and I decided to gave the pages a new life in the shape of notebook covers. It seemed like a quick lovely project and I was really excited about it. Two days later I was still cutting and gluing covers. Three days later I was varnishing. Today after 3 coats of varnish they are all done. All I have to do is cut the paper and bind them.

“All I have to do”…hahahhaha

In my naivety I expected this to be fast and simple. However I soon came to realize that 13 notebooks ( I used some of the scrap as it was too lovely to toss to make an extra one) will require quite a large stack of papers to be folded, cut, folded again, cut again, poked and bound…

Today I’ll show you only the covers, the notebooks will come shortly. I hope… 😉


Later edit: Here they are! 😀

Thanks for dropping by,

Till next time!


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