Imortele as we call them in  my country, are plants that never die. Their flowers dry naturally in such a way that they can be preserved forever. Scientifically they are known as Gomphrena.

Why am I telling you about them? Because I just found a small tutorial from some time ago when I was unsure how to tackle this blog. I did not have the courage at that time to publish it. But now, even though their time has slightly passed, I hope that it will bring joy. This is a small idea, very easy to do with kids. It can be an afternoon activity to create a delicate piece of jewelry. It would have been indeed best suited for mother’s day, but even so, it can be a lovely gift any time of the year.

The supplies are simple: flowers, glue, cardboard, scissors, safety pins and some textile scraps.

The technique is even simpler. Cut circles out of the cardboard and glue the flowers onto them. Cut a piece of textile and fold it in two, three if yours is not thick enough and glue the safety pin in place by gluing the textile onto the back of the cardboard. Cut any excess cardboard or textile and you’re done!

I used a glue gun as it is much faster when drying, however if you do not have one you can use any other type of glue, just keep in mind that it will take a lot longer to dry.



Thanks for dropping by!

See you next time!




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