Bird House

Last Christmas in a Secret Santa event, a dear friend of mine helped the poor guy that got my name 😉 and suggested a trip to the craft store. Which worked out great and I received a lovely bird house kit.

As I am not one to love the standard rules, I tried to follow the instructions but I really did not like the result. The patterns they provided felt old fashioned and tired to me, so I put it aside for quite a while.

I was telling you last time that I have been searching myself in my art for a while now. I guess that will never stop as I recently realized that that is a second nature for an artist. This is not to be understood as a negative aspect, as it is not. It is good to analyze yourself, to rethink your approach, to understand what you are trying to express as we naturally continue to  grow and change.

About a month ago I finally saw / felt the bird house and I started working. It took a lot of glue and redoing but I am finally happy with all its angles. 😀



All the jewelry items in the pictures can be found in my Etsy shop: Blue Butterfly, Purple Butterfly, Lay in the Forest Brooch.

Thanks for dropping by,

Till next time


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