I have been searching myself in my art in the last couple of weeks, trying to find that essence of who I am as an artist and what I want to express. The process requires a lot of experimentation as there is no way else of finding out but trying many techniques and ways of approaching. I learned by now is that the classical dreamcatcher is not my thing. Is too simple and too quiet. However, using unconventional materials is definitely my thing. This is how the dreamcatcher bellow was born. I know, it is still on the quiet side, but give me time and they’ll evolve!

Despite my desire to find my voice and go towards slightly unconventional, I still have older projects, already in process that need to be finished. That was the case of a very simple yet strong little dreamcatcher. Well, to tell you the truth this one used to be the very first dreamcatcher I ever made completely revamped as by now I knew that I could do much more!

Thanks for dropping by!

Till next time!



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