Treasure Hunt

Today’s society is one based on speed, efficiency and consumerism. We are taught early in life, that we have to be productive, that we have to graduate a top university, have a top job, earn a lot of money, have a family and several kids in order to feel that we are alive, that we are who we are supposed to be, that we are accomplished. We chase jobs that keep us stuck in chairs and indoors for 6 to 10 hours a day, we eat alone at the desk or in a hurry in the restaurant. We have full agendas, yet we never have time to see our friends. We lie to ourselves that the time spent on Facebook means socializing thus there is nothing to feel guilty about.

We move so fast that we no longer know our neighbors, we don’t smile on the street of fear of attracting reactions and thus having interact with other people. We are no longer the “village” that raises a family. We are alone.

We fear new people and we fear ourselves. We fear being honest and we fear being true to ourselves. The fear of not being accepted is so deep ingrained into us from early childhood that some of us never get to know their true self. We teach our children to fit in, to discard their personalities and be good behaving kids. We label creativity and hyperactivity with behavioral disorders and we treat them with medicine.

We seem to be lost.

 As human beings we are meant to live in groups, to have social interactions, to learn through practice, to smile at people, to respect elders, to walk barefoot, to spend the day outside, to play, to move freely throughout the day, to love people, to be kind to one another… to be true people.

We’re meant to know ourselves, to be at peace with our lives, to choose consciously our lives…  to to touch the lives of other people through kindness.

We’re meant to be happy and to bring joy.

Jij bent mooi! = You are beautiful! 

A while ago I told you about Mariëlle from Magical Daydream and how  I have been fascinated about her approach to life and the world. I found her projects really scary because they involved putting oneself out there in a world that is afraid of people. However, though seriously afraid, I chose to start my own small gestures of kindness projects. The goal of the project is to stop being afraid of life and in the process make people smile.

I have been going through my craft supplies, rethinking projects, reorganizing, selecting and completing. One of the projects waiting to be finished was a pile of paper stars. Originally supposed to hang on a curtain, the stars were instead used to create a different kind of treasure hunt.

As a result, on a sunny Sunday afternoon I drew smileys and hearts on them and placed them through the city in hope that finding them would bring unexpected smiles on people’s faces.

Schat =  Treasure

Veel Geluk! = Good Luck! 

If you like my little project, join me by making your own. And if you do, please share bellow, I would love to see.

Thanks for dropping by!

Till next time!


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