Roses by the Hundreds

More than a year and a half ago I got this crazy idea about making a large scale decorative item with lots of lots roses. I envisioned it  at that point as big as a door. Well that did not really work easily…

But I started making roses. Many, many roses. I counted at some point over 200, but I lost count after a while. And to tell you the truth by now it does not matter anymore for me how many roses I fitted there.

After ending up with a bucket of roses I created a board with a textured face and I glued them all on. 😀 I know! Crazy!

I have been planning for a month now, trying to find the time to finish it, and yesterday it finally happened. I was extremely happy that it did not rain and I could go outside to spray paint the roses. It was the first time I attempted something like that and though I was not really sure how I felt about it last night, by now I am trully madly in love with it and pland to make more! 🙂



  1. Love your creativity. Beautiful!

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