Dino Stock Clearance

The artistic dino 😉 of the  World of a Dinosaur is going though a personal process of understanding and finding its true creative colors.

Though seriously scary is something that has been long coming. And for the first time in years I have allowed myself to listen to its calling and jump again into the madness of my creative source.

As a result in the following weeks I will add everything I have in stock in my Etsy shop. I might also add some discounts or presents on purchase of multiple items, but that has not yet been decided. I will try my best to personalize the wrappings and make them as interesting as I can, depending on the time that I have.

As I will be mostly focusing on self discovery and new artistic experiments personalized orders will be a lot less that usual. For very special events I will try to make time if possible, but otherwise for the upcoming months I will not allow that much time for that anymore.


Dino Etsy Shop


I would like to thank you all for your support and for sticking around and i will keep you in the loop with the craziness of my process. 🙂

And not that that has been said, it is time to go back to work! 😀



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