The Tiny Spider

I love to try new techniques. I jump from project to project so often that my living room is constantly full of things I work on. Who needs a dining table anyway?! 😉

I learned long time ago that if you work on a project too long at a time you risk ruining it. You need to take space, to let it sink and see if you feel the same about it even after 2 days or if you need to change the direction of the project. I learned that if while drawing a still life you feel that an item is not coming the right way you should switch to a different item and return later to the trouble one. It will allow time for the mind to let go of the stress and preconceptions on how the item should have looked.

Yesterday I had 5 projects on going. By today 3 were finished, 1 brand new one was started and completed 🙂 and I truly hope to finish the other 2 by tonight.

I leave you with 3 dear dreamcatchers (the first one got snatched this morning 😀 )  and I am off to work.

Thanks for dropping by!

See you next time!



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