Blue Sky Flowers

I love strong colors. I love contrast and I love elegant and dynamic combinations. This necklace is one of my favorite.

I have this weird way of working. I make first the larger elements. I take big wooden balls, or wood pieces that have shapes I like and I paint them. However at that point I have no clue what so ever what I will do further with the piece itself. I then open every box of beads and gather all the items I think might work and I start playing. Many times I have undone complete necklaces because something felt off, but after a couple of tries  (even if it takes days for me to feel what is right for it ) it all comes together.


Details: Handmade necklace with hand painted items.

If you like this necklace you can find it in my Etsy shop, together with several other necklaces. More to come.


Thank you for dropping by.

See you next time!


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