The Yoga Bee

Personalized t-shirts (or for that matter any art or present of that kind) are of 2 types. You have generally personalized creations where you know that a person likes. For the sake of this example, let’s say they like mountains. For the present you can paint a beautiful scenery with a really nice mountain. However when you know more about a person you can obviously make it even more emotional and also have subtle connections that only the person to receive the gift or very close friends can understand. As a designer when you receive personalized orders it is best for the person ordering the gift (if they are not ordering for themselves) to know extremely well what elements they want to use in the design otherwise it risks falling into the first category of the generally personalized gifts.

The t-shirt bellow is very dear to me. It falls into the second category as I personally know the person it was designed for.  The most difficult element, I have to admit were the features of the face. After n tests I even thought of leave it it blank, but in the end it all came together. I am extremely happy I added the features as it adds to the feeling intended for the bee.



Details: hand painted cotton t-shirt with a personalized design.  Washing machine washable at preferably 30 degrees.


More t-shirts to come soon. 🙂

Thank you for dropping by.

See you next time!



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