Energy Boost

A while ago I was having a low day. I was low on motivation and I was feeling slightly lost. When I got home I found beautiful comments regarding my notebooks from  a lovely fan. It gave me so much energy, it was unreal. She loved my butterfly notebooks, so when I heard her favorite color was blue I decided to make her a personalized one.

The second item is a sketch book. The theme of the cover drawing is a combination of personal favorites. In school I used to doodle flowers during classes. I would get bored and start sketching or I would simply start drawing just because I felt like doing so. I no longer have them, but at one point in time I had piles of flower sketches almost all of them done in pen. The lamp is a representation of an old type of oil lamp. The combination of materials, top glass and bottom metal, plus the curved shape made it an ideal object during the drawing classes I took in preparation for the university exam. The two of them together represent two of my favorite experiences in time so it simply felt right to draw them together.

My dear, thank you for your kind words that gave me energy and for the opportunity to create the best butterfly notebook so far. I hope you like it as much as I love it. May it bring you luck and inspiration.  Thank you for being my first fan from so far away!




  1. I love it! It’s so cool knowing those notebooks are heading my way. Wow! They are extra special. Thank-you so much!

  2. Reblogged this on Out of the well and commented:
    I love these handmade notebooks so much that I bought two of them! Can you tell my favourite colour is blue – hehe.
    Thank-you to The World of a Dinosaur.

  3. These notebooks are so cool and so artistic! 😀

  4. Juni Desireé

    Reblogged this on Juni Desireé and commented:
    Discovered this lovely blogger and her amazing handmade journals. I bought two of them. This reblog shows which ones I bought. Was so excited when I received them in the mail. I’ve filled them both!

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