Laura’s Words

Laura is a writer who’s words are magic. She tells real stories, daily stories with a fantastic ease, with delicate and funny words, with love and passion, with joy and delicacy.

She recently published a book “Domnul Tic si alte iubiri de pe Musatini” (Mister Tic and other love stories from Musatini)  in which she tells love stories and funny stories. One of the main character is Mister Tic, the white fluffy dog that can not stand still even for a minute. The book is in Romanian so unfortunately many of you will not have the pleasure of reading her stories.

Part of the inspirational project were photo sessions with beautiful dresses made with the help of her boyfriend and photographer. The same dresses helped fund the publication of the book as Laura started selling them in an amazing project called Laura’s Dresses.

I felt inspired by the energy of the pictures and decided to show my support through a personal creation. I designed and made a notebook for her to have when away from the computer. I added every member on and within the notebook for her to have them close no matter what and I finalized it with as many flowers as I could.

Thanks for dropping by,

Till next time.



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