The Flying Boats

The flying boats are one of the first two mobiles I made when I discovered the papier-mâché technique. They are perfect for boosting imagination and opening the door to stories of adventure, new lands, pirates and princesses.

I have waited for so long with posting them because I haven’t found the right way to take a picture of them. I still don’t think I have found the optimal background but I felt it was time for them to be properly introduced to the world.


Details: The boats are made from cardboard through the papier-mâché technique while the sails are made out of satin.



  1. Wow that is amazing! I want to try doing this. Do you mind me asking what technique you used?

    • Hi Heyjayel,
      Thank you for your nice words.
      The boats were made out of cardboard, paper and glue, then painted and varnished. It is called papier-mâché technique. It is not a difficult technique, but it is time consuming.
      If you do use it I would love to see the result.

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