Miniature art

Most people use hobbies to recharge their batteries. Some people sing, some paint, some play with ceramic, some sew, some do sports. A dear friend of mine uses embroidery to create beautiful pieces of textiles. I, on the other hand can paint tiny pieces of diverse materials (wood, paper, glass, textile, even people if they have the patience 😉 ) for hours, but if you ask me to sew by hand I will go slightly bonkers.

I always thought that we feel happy when doing hobbies because we do something we like, but I am slowly learning that the nature of our energetic recharge is a completely different one.

We live chaotic lives, we work, we take care of the house, we must have time for families, for sport, internet and hobbies. Right?! Well that is at least what modern society tells us.

I love to paint and I have always been able to find strength and energy in small sessions of painting. In extreme cases I would end up isolating myself without realizing for 1 or 2 days, paint and simply come out completely recharged and ready to take over the world. I recently came to realize that we feel tired in life when we spread our energy too thin, when we take on too much and stay connected with too much. Dealing with work e-mail at home and over analyzing things of the past are common ways to lose energy. However, when doing a craft, a hobby one lets go of any other connections and focuses on oneself and on the feelings of the moment. By doing so one focuses all its energy on oneself and that is in fact the simple way through which we recharge ourselves. Quite simple and effective, just like Mother Nature intended it to be.




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