Human Canvas – Poppy and her poppies

Is not the first time I end up having great conversations with people that felt highly intimidating at the beginning, and Poppy made no exception. I admired her strength and her fierceness, but there were times when I felt knots in my stomach.

In time I got to know her and she got to know me. I stopped trying to control life and sent the guardian on a small vacation. What I got back is the friendship of a beautiful woman with an amazing free spirit. A courageous one if I think that she was the first other person besides me to be painted.;)

The session was slightly rushed and quite unpredictable. Initially I wanted to do so much more. I kept dreaming of lots and lots of poppies bursting from under the blouse. However after starting to paint it all fell into place and I decided to stick only with a couple of ones. It is a very dear picture to me as it is the first one with a model and also due to the poppy design which by know you have seen many times on my page.
Poppy and her poppies
Poppy and her poppies



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