DIY: Terrarium Experiment

Today was a beautiful day for a walk to the lake. We went round looking at the houses, the nature, the water and the plants. It was a relaxed walk without too many encounters as today is a day to be spent with the family. However the few encounters that happened were absolutely adorable.

We started with this adorable fluffy predator, out for a snack. I was really grateful that she didn’t just bolt and allowed me time to turn on my camera, aim, zoom in (as we did not have the courage to get too close)  and take the pictures. I am also grateful for the zoom of my camera as it made the considerable distance between us and the cat seem really small.

We met quite a number of ladybugs. One of them even used us to take a break. I love ladybugs, as you probably have seen by now. They are sweet and delicate and in many cultures they are strongly connected with the concepts of  love and passion. Though I have to admit I was quite puzzled when I was told they are carnivores… and that is the reason they are used as a protection method for apple orchards.

Then we went to see two swans, a couple. She was taking care of the nest and he was guarding her. And despite me being on the other side of the water they took my presence very seriously and instantly stood up to measure the intruder. The male is the one from the first picture, keeping his eye on me, while the female knowing the male was on guard went back to sleep, as one can see in the second picture.

I took advantage of this trip to gather materials for something I have been wanting to try for quite a while now. 😀 A terrarium!

I have seen many projects popping up on the internet and I have bean really curious to see if it actually works.  So I got myself some jars (from my candle supply), stones, gravel, moss, plants, earth and activated charcoal and I started assembling it.

I started with a layer of stones and gravel, bigger stones for the larger jar and smaller gravel for the small jar.

I then added a layer of earth mixed with a capsule of activated charcoal as I read it helps protecting from fungus and mold.  Lastly I added a layer of moss and some small plants that I was able to get with roots. Hopefully that will work, if not next time I will buy seeds.

After everything went in I added the lids which I thoroughly closed and if they make it through the month I will proceed to decorate.


Happy Easter everyone!

May the light of God brings you peace, prosperity and joy!


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