Did I tell you that I love to draw? 😀

I have been drawing since I was a kid apparently, though I do not remember it from the beginning. I went through a very tough drawing school and a demanding university and emerged a couple of years later as an architect.

The irony is that my mom was not the biggest fan of my choice, but  faced with the choice of either the University of Fine Arts or the University of Architecture she instantly choose the latter.

Bellow I have added two of my drawings from the formative years. The were done exactly one year apart, which makes it easy to see the evolution.

The cover of the notebook I am showing you today was hand drawn with a ballpoint pen. This is something I learned from my first drawing teacher. It was his way of making us give up using the eraser every 2 minutes while drawing. Trust me, it was highly effective!


Details: handmade sketch book with a hand drawn cover and special drawing paper inside.


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