Blue Cats and Memories

My favorite shop as a kid was the office supply shop. Where I am from, we have something called a “librărie”. That is a shop where one can find anything from books, office supply, toys and sometime even music items. I used to save every penny I got and buy myself pens, notebooks, agendas, pencil cases… ooo, it was basically my candy store. 😀

I still love agendas and slick and elegant pens and the side effect of being a trained architect is having boxes of pens, rulers, erasers, crayons and paints. Which I absolutely adore! I still have, even at my parents house, several boxes of supplies from my university years. 😀

Today I would like to show you a little notebook with stitched blue cats. Though this type of notebook does not have a complete enclosure of the pages due to the stitching method I love how detailed it looks. I am aware that the method used doesn’t really give the vibe of a sturdy notebook, but it is surprisingly sturdy! Also the hard covers help with the practicality of its usage while the blue cats will keep one company and increase the joyfulness of one’s day.


Details: handmade notebook with stitched cats.


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