Bookbinding, traveling and friendship

A friend of mine is leaving for an amazing adventure on the other side of the world. Where? Well as you might have already guessed to Peru. So I decided to make her a personalized notebook. The pages are blank so she can decide whether to use as an agenda, notebook or diary.

The British say that all you need when travelling is your passport and some clean underwear. As you can see the design of the cover is based on the destination and the essentials of the trip. šŸ˜€

If you haven’t seen my Facebook page, let me introduce you to my latest love: bookbinding. For the first notebook I made, I used an excessive amount of thread and obviously it got tangled 5000 times. Despite all that, the result was a little notebook, slightly crooked but beaming of character.

Have a fantastic trip my darling! May your trip be filled with great adventures, beautiful weather, fantastic peopleĀ andĀ helpful souls so you’ll have plenty of stories to fill the pages of the diary!


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