Mărțișor 2014 – 1st of March Spring Tradition

1st of March is an ancestral celebration of spring, a long lasting Romanian tradition. It represents the meeting between yin and yang, between day and night, between summer and winter, between good and bad.
It’s most important element is the wire. Now red and white (summer and winter) was at its origins black and white (day and night, good and bad).

The modern day tradition is one of giving and connecting. The tokens can be anything as long as they have the red and white wire. They are given by boys to girls and by girls to girls. Sorry boys!
They are worn as brooches (or parts of brooches, for about 2 weeks. Sometimes the red and white wires are worn as bracelets for the entire month of March. At the end of the month the tradition says that if the girl hangs it in a tree with flowers she will be as beautiful as the flowers for the following year.

The tradition of Mărțișor is unique and it is a celebration of life. Hope it brings you a warm Spring!

IMG_7558_zps8c24bc0d (1)








IMG_7429_zps859b497b (1)

Details: for orders check also the Facebook albums where I upload new designs every year. If you desire custom items the order must be placed with enough time in advance.

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  1. Jenna T.

    Wow that is really neat! I love to learn about Romanian culture. Thanks for sharing!

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