Introducing the “Human Canvas” Project
I love to paint.

I paint on paper, on wood, on textile, on glass and on people.

If it can be painted, I will try at least once, if I like it I’ll paint more. If not, well, any artist knows, trying new techniques is very important for the professional and personal development.

I don’t remember how I got the idea to paint on people. I knew from the beginning I did not want to do the standard body painting and cover the entire surface of the body with drawings. I wanted every picture to tell something, I wanted every picture to express the person being the canvas. I wanted the picture to emphasize the drawings and the person but in the same time the person and the drawing to create the picture.

It was funny at the beginning. I would tell people what I wanted to do and they would get so exited to be in the project but as I had no picture to exemplify yet, people saw it as something cute that they will do at some point. I grew tired of it and one day I started painting myself. I didn’t even have special colors at the first picture I ever made. I had no clue how to achieve the feeling I wanted. I didn’t really know what I wanted until it came to life. And I have been in love with this project ever since.

Seeing the pictures people started coming, and the experiences got better and more interesting and bigger, so much bigger and I love it.

I will present each photo shoot and tell you a little bit of each story in each of the posts that will follow.


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