Artistic recycling

The first candles I made were 4 recycled jars of instant coffee that I decided to fill with leftover wax. They did not burn properly, they did not look amazing but they were made by me and I loved them deeply.

I don’t remember though how I started again, months later with the painted versions. But I loved it so I continued playing. At the beginning I was inspired by traditional patterns and latter I added seasonal inspiration like in the ones you see bellow.

They represent a piece of me, a piece of the relaxation and happiness I felt while I made them. I hope they will be symbols of relaxation, focus or simply connecting for people trying to leave the fast world aside even if it is just for a few moments a day.

Hand painted recycled jars, with hand painted lids and filled with wax (some scented). Estimated burning time: 60 hours.

Washable by hand and refillable upon request.


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