4 Days of Nijmegen: THE ARMY BRIDGE

The Army Bridge is built every year for the route of the last day. It is a one day bridge. It is built on a water course in the city of Cuijk and it makes for quite an interesting view.

I have to admit that there is where I saw the biggest concentration of walkers, also that I was quite amazed by the speed of the walking rhythm.


The site of the bridge gets transformed into a very lively one with the help of the audience which is mostly just visiting the city that day. That makes for quite crowded trains for a large part of the day. Trust me! They were crowded!

If you’d like to see more: www.silverlightstreaming.eu/vierdaagse/

Choose from the left menu “Brug slag Cuijk” and then, out of the four new options that will apear, choose “Compilatie Bruglegging”.


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