4 Days of Nijmegen


The four days of Nijmegen have passed again. This year, the city of Nijmegen, was again the stage for a long standing tradition. This is one of the most important international sport events in the area. It is open to all ages and all levels of training. It offers no material prizes just the personal satisfaction of overcoming one’s limits.

The final stretch, known as Via Gladiola due to the flowers offered to those who have succeeded in finishing all four marches, is pictured above. It is the day that attracts the highest participation of the locals as spectators. Their help is also offered during the four marches in providing an extra supply of water, food and assistance on top of the one offered by the organisers.

Finishing all the marches is seen as a great personal accomplishment. Doing that more than once is a matter of great pride and it is highly celebrated.

For more details, here is the official site: http://www.4daagse.nl/


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